Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Horm will make a youtube channel, and instead of making silly blog posts, Horm will do videos.

Now that, will not happen.

Why? Well, besides the fact that I am lazy, I just simply don't want to. :))

I don't know.

I want to write something sensible or humorous, but I can't. Well as of the moment.

So, yeah.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Amount of Energy - Energy Needed = Energy Wasted

This is the thing that I hate the most. Wasting energy. It sucks to do something, but you end up doing it too much, that it's pretty worthless. I hate it when someone tells me to do crap that should be finished after a certain period of time. So this makes you panic. "What the hell am I gonna do?", "What the heck is this?", "Are you kidding me?", "Don't f*** around me.", or "Don't give me that bulls***". Then after finishing the very low qualilty piece of crap that you did, that person then says, "Nevermind, I'll just get it some other time." It's so nice to scream "F*** you, you douchelord!"

You might think that I'm just merely lazy. You're right. I am lazy. But that's not the point. What I'm saying is, that you shouldn't give someone a crapload of work and set an early deadline if you don't really need it on that day. The poor lad could use that time to do something more worthwhile than your own work just because you are unproductive.

Maybe I'm saying this because this day was full of nonsense.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blink Twice For Yes.

I don't have anything to say. So I'll just post a link.

This dude's got amazing talent. Watch, rate and subscribe.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

What would little Horm do?

Pre-school. I could never forget the first two years of my life in school. Although, I was at the top of my class, I still thought of stupid things.

On the first day of classes, I was so scared so I planned to get out of the school. And my awesome plan, was to run through the gate as fast as I could. It never occurred to me that there was a guard and I wasn't exactly as fast as roadrunner. So when I "sprinted" toward the gate, the guard quickly stopped me.

After that incident, I felt alone. And unfortunately, I cried. Yes, I cried. And then, a woman approached me, and said, "Stop crying, you're gonna have fun in here. By the way I'm going to be you're teacher! Yay!". I felt at ease with her, so I stopped crying.

After I stopped crying, I felt like the bad-ass of the school. I was walking like someone who just won the UFC. I passed by the other kids crying while saying to myself "Hah, crybabies." It's like I never cried moments ago.


When I was younger, I thought about crazy stuff that's kinda embarrassing. Here's a few of them.
The tree isn't a living thing.

A blue planet where all the people live in there ate candies and cakes existed.

I believed that I went to another country when I was a baby, when I didn't.

I thought that I always had a cameraman following me everywhere, like the ones in reality shows.

You make babies by simply being naked.
So... Yeah.


The number 2

The number 2.

It's such a magical number. But what does the number 2 mean?

The number 2. Comes after 1, and before 3.

The number 2. Lowest card in poker.

The number 2. Highest card in big two poker.

The number 2. The only even prime number.

The number 2. The thing people call you when you're a mistress.

The number 2. Probably the most important meaning for the number 2, to take a dump.

I have nothing else to say.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What the deuce?

What would it take to put some sense in to a sorry-ass creature's head?
What would it take to put some sense in to an insensitive jerk?

The answer is nothing. Unless you kidnap the person then beat the hell out of him. But that seems to change nothing at all.
Maybe if you expose that douche bag to a near-death experience, then that would do the trick. But there's only one way to find out. I would gladly do it to prove the point. Unfortunately, that would just send me to prison.

Honestly, there is no sure-fire way to bring some sense in to some low-life. No matter what you do, say, or feel, it's not gonna work. He's born with it. It's in his DNA. The best thing you could do is to let him be and ignore it.

And if you're someone, who apparently "loves" a said stupid person, then good luck to you my friend. You're probably one of his kind or you think you're smart enough to change his ways. Whichever you are, you will probably end up in the psychiatric ward.

Unless you're lucky and for some miracle, you've changed him. Then, congratulations to you, my friend. But if you're not lucky, then you might as well move on to someone with better genes.


There are many stupid jerks in the world. No matter how perfect the person is disregarding the narrow-mindedness, he still is. The best thing you could do is to let him be and move on, no matter how hard it is.

Do you get my point?


Monday, June 7, 2010

SURPRISE! How the surprise birthday party all began.

Just yesterday, my friend and I were watching a show on the tv. While it the commercials were rolling, we saw an ad where the person got a surprise birthday party but secretly hated the idea. After the ad, my friend blurted out,

"When will I ever get a surprise birthday party?"
I didn't reply, because I thought that was such a silly question. Then, she said,
"Sh*t, I really need a boyfriend!"
Then I replied sarcastically, "Wow. How profound."

So today's post is all about surprise birthday parties.

I like celebrating my birthday. But personally, I hate surprise parties. It makes me feel so awkward when everyone looks and smiles at you and sings Happy Birthday while you're there looking utterly clueless.

But how did surprise birthday parties began?

Well, it all started like this.

Once every year one particular boy would celebrate his birthday with his friends and family. They would always gather and have a feast when his birthday would come. He would be filled with joy as everyone offered him gifts.

After several birthday celebrations, he grew tired of the old tradition of celebrating his birthday. Yes, he was grateful for the merriment he experiences during his birthday, but he yearned for something more. He wanted to feel truly happy when celebrating his special day. His family and dearest friends noticed his weariness, so they decided to plan something new for the boy.

"Dude, what's wrong with him? His birthday's just around the corner, and he looks like crap!"
"I dunno dawg. Maybe he's gettin' tired of celebrating his birthday." Said one of his buddies.
"I don't get it. He likes it when we give him all the attention and the gifts." Said the other clueless friend.
"Maybe he's used to it. Maybe he's tired of anticipating everything."
"Oh crap man, with the time we got, we ain't going to be able to do something different."
"Don't worry dawg, I got something." Said the smarter friend with a smug.
"What're you up to now?"
"Well, we're still goin' to do the same thing every time his birthday is up. The only thing is, it's gonna be a surprise."
"But how we gonna keep him from knowing it?"
"Simple, dude. We gonna make him feel that we ain't got any plans to celebrate his birthday. Then on the day itself one of us is gonna lead him to the venue of the party then we all gon' shout SURPRISE DAWG!"
"Wow dude, you a smart-ass!"

And everyone was impressed by the gentleman's idea. And so they secretly prepared everything for the boy's grand celebration. Everyone knew except for the boy himself. He felt more weary for he knew something was up but he could not figure out what it was. So he said to himself

"I feel like total sh*t. It seems like no one from my homies are makin' an effort to do somethin' for my birthday."

And then the day everyone has anticipated arrived. However, the boy was still gloomy for he had no idea of what he will encounter. Then, as planned, one of his friends led him to a dark room.

"Yo dawg, it's dark in here. Please don't rape me." The boy was suspicious.
"What the f*** man?! I ain't no gay! Just open the freaking lights!"

And when the fluorescence was switched on, everyone seemed to appear out of nowhere. Everyone said in unison "SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAWG!". The boy was of course, very happy that no one forgot that it was his special day. And so the night went on with everyone shouting joyous banters and the boy feeling blessed with his birthday celebration.

And that was the origin of the surprise birthday party.

The end.


Besides the fact that the story you've just read is a total fake, surprise birthdays are meant to be fun. But before you organize one, make sure that the celebrant will really appreciate what you're doing. You want him/her to feel surprised and happy. Not humiliated and awkward.



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